Thursday, March 31, 2016

Solve the issue of No Pen Pressure or Delay at Photoshop

Settings Methods in Photoshop
1. How to solve delay problem in Photoshop
1) Please confirm your driver is normal work. Otherwise, please reinstall or update your driver. (You can get the latest drivers on our official website .)
2) Open Edit-Preferences to check whether “Use Graphics Processor” is used. If not, please tick it. (As following picture)
3) Then create a new canvas and zoom in it to 100%.
4) Finally, click “Reset Brushes” in brush settings. (As following picture)
2. How to set pen pressure in Photoshop
Press F5 on your PC, then you can see following panel. Please check “Shape Dynamics”, “Smoothing”, and make sure you choose “Pen Pressure” in “Control”.